Chase Gin host Cocktail competition

Well I’ll tell you why I like Mondays, because I tend to end up sampling some gorgeous drinks courtesy of the best Bar tenders in the Midlands.

And this week was no exception.  Williams Chase Gin provided the sponsorship for the latest round of the Midlands Mixology competition.  This month there was a much larger turn-out, with Bartenders turning up from all over Birmingham.  Eleven contestants in total.

Chris Hoy set the running with a blush coloured drink with a fair head of froth.  He was the only one to use a highball glass.

Others were very creative with their drink ware.  One guy used a hollowed out apple.  Bex O Neill used a strange hybrid of cocktail glass and tea cup.  Where she found them I know not.

A rare shot of Ash Lambert smiling

Ash Lambert suffered no disasters this month and produced his drink with ease.  It was a three tone drink with a frothy head and a slightly bitter edge.

Egg white seems to be the ingredient of choice at the minute and was used in several of the cocktails entered.  This was a cause for concern for Rob Wood, the official, who reminded everybody that raw egg can be dangerous and should be emasculated before consumption, by adding sugar.

Contestant continued to enter, even as the competition was going on, the last man producing a slightly ad-hoc pink concoction that, to my surprise, was rather tasty.

But the winner, on his home turf, was Amen Snare Johal.  His amazing drink had caught the taste-buds of the judges with it’s bursts of flavour and colour.  The guy was naturally ecstatic, there was no calming him down for nearly half an hour.

Still it was a good opportunity to network, meet fellow drink enthusiasts, ok alcoholics, and learn new tricks and tips.  Good day had by all.

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