Canadian Spotted Dick

Winter just seems to refuse to go away this year, so we can feel less guilty about the calories and go mad on the stodge.  Let’s face it, we need the body fat for insulation!

Plus we are all flat broke so we need something pretty cheap to make.  With that in mind I made my first Spotted Dick pudding.  It wasn’t bad, but I felt it could be tweaked a bit to make something a bit more original.  So I added Apple and Maple flavours for a change.

So for this recipe we will need:





Apple (grated, sauteed or if you are rushed and on a budget, canned fruit pie filling)

Maple Syrup

Take a large mixing bowl and a fork.  Fill the bottom with two cups of flour and one third of a cup of suet.  Add the tin of apple, or the equivalent of a cup.  Add two large shots of maple syrup.  Add a cup of raisins.  Use the fork to stir the mixture very well together, really go to work on it, get it all together.  If the mixture looks too moist, add more flour.  Too dry?  Add water.  Avoid adding more suet or the thing will grow in the pan like a bad B-movie!

Once you have a nice big ball take a sheet of cling film (or shrink wrap) and place it on a flat surface.  Using your hands or two big spoons, place the ball on to the cling film.  Wrap the cling film around the ball and tie up the ends.  Take a second piece of cling film and wrap it again, from another angle, so the ball is completely covered.

For the next bit we will be using a steamer pan.  Please exercise caution when using these pans as steam burns are painful and can leave nasty blisters and scars.  Use a cloth or oven gloves to remove lid.

Take a steamer, add boiling water to the bottom of the pan, and add the top bit with the holes (sorry, I don’t know what you call it!).  Heat the water at 190 degrees celcius.

Place the pudding ball into the steamer and cover.  Leave it all to steam for about 40 minutes.  Check on it from time to time to make sure the pan isn’t burning itself dry.  The pudding edge will gradually look more brown.  After 40 minutes remove the pudding (using gloves) and place it on a plate to cool.  Only remove the cling film when the pudding has cooled down a lot.  And even then use scissors to open it and remove the cling film.

And there you have it, a nice, reasonably cheap, stodgy winters pudding.  Serve on it’s own or with creme fresh, cream or custard.


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  1. Maureen Gilmartin says:

    Bottom half is a normal saucepan and the part that sits on top with the holes in it is the steamer.

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