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The Jekyll and Hyde

For my first official review I was invited down to a pub in central Birmingham.  The Jekyll and Hyde is one of the most recommended pubs in central Birmingham, and for many very good reasons. Firstly, it is one of … Continue reading

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Meet Peter O’Connor, professional bartender, professional Irishman

Bartending is a hugely underestimated profession.  Even at school the careers officer told me I could do a lot better.  But I didn’t care because, when the time came, I really enjoyed the job.  Long antisocial hours and dreadful pay … Continue reading

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Meet Teresa Baranowski

Here in Britain things have moved on from the days of Fanny Craddock.  Cooking has become sexy, both with men and women.  The guys we are spoiled for choice when it comes to home-cooked loveliness. First there is the slightly … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Tea takes on America

Everybody knows Yorkshire Tea is the best in the world.  Of course it is, it is what we do best apart from queue and complain. Meanwhile across the Atlantic it is very hard to get decent tea.  I mean they … Continue reading

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Cheaper eating

Welcome to February boys and girls.  We’re all still paying off Christmas and now a whole lot of us are unemployed or under employed.  What I am getting at is money is short. So what can we do?  We do … Continue reading

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