Steamed Lamb

These days we have to make the most of the cuts of meat we can get.  Lamb is notoriously expensive compared to pork and beef, but you can still make a decent meal out of even the cheapest cuts.

I found two rolls of lamb in the cheapest section of Asda, for under £2.00 each.  The first time I cooked them I roasted them in the oven.  They were tasteless and tough as old boots.  So I revised a little and came up with a new tack.

So, for this method you will need two rolls of lamb, about four cloves of unpeeled garlic and one lemon cut into wedges.  It takes two hours to cook, be aware.

Take one steaming pan, add half a pint of boiling water to the bottom and set the hob on mark 3.  Add the lemon and garlic cloves to the base of the pan.  Place the inner pan with the holes over the water.  Place the lamb within the inner pan and cover with a lid.

(Here I added some Gyros flavouring but that is optional)

It takes over two hours to steam thoroughly.  Check it from time to time, and add water to the pan as it can evaporate fairly quickly.  Please take care and only lift the lid using a dry cloth or oven glove.

After two hours remove the pan from the heat, and remove the lamb on to a separate plate using a set of tongs or a fork.  Cut off the outer netting and then carefully cut off the outer fat.

What you are left with underneath is some juicy lamb still with all it’s moisture and taste sealed in.

Important:  Do not pour the water from the pan down the sink, it is full of fat and will congeal and block the drain.  Pour it out the back or on to the garden instead.

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