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The perfect thing to finish off a meal.

Canadian Spotted Dick

Winter just seems to refuse to go away this year, so we can feel less guilty about the calories and go mad on the stodge.  Let’s face it, we need the body fat for insulation! Plus we are all flat … Continue reading

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Pannetone Bread and Butter pudding

For christmas every year we seem to get given one of those boxed Italian sponge cakes with currants.  Pannetone as it is called, is actually rather good lightly toasted with a little butter.  But it also has one other use. … Continue reading

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Limoncella Tirimisu

Here we have my simple recipe for a light Italian dessert.  Like most of my desserts it does contain alcohol.  Don’t worry, you will get used to it. So, you will need: Two tubs of mascapone cream cheese One packet … Continue reading

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